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Hondurans look for options to tackle crises in the coffee sector

The special committee appointed by the president of the National Congress, Mauricio Oliva, to meet the problems of the coffee sector, met yesterday with the authorities of the Honduran Coffee Institute (Ihcafé) and the National Coffee Fund (FCN) to find options for facing the crisis facing this important item for the country.

The president of the special committee, Deputy Román Villeda, said that the Legislature's commitment is to listen to all sectors involved, since the problem is not only due to falling prices in the international market, but also because there are other scourges, such as the effects of climate change, as well as internal and international marketing.

Villeda said they will also meet with exporters and intermediaries to learn their approach and help solve the problems that currently affect this sector of the economy.

He explained that when he finished listening to all the parties involved in the coffee issue, the committee will report to the plenary and will be done in a consensual way, because it is what characterizes the National Congress.

He added that the law could be revised, and a reform could be introduced with the necessary supplies with the consent of the coffee sector.

The chairman of the Ihcafé Board of Directors, Asterio Reyes, said that the commission is responding to the request to serve the entire chain of coffee sector, where they expressed their concerns and needs and reiterated that the biggest problem that they have is the low price of grains internationally.

He added that they agreed with the special commission, helping coffee growers who continue to face adversity with the consequences of climate change and domestic and international marketing and the shortage of labor that generates losses in crops, in addition to roads in bad condition, which is the obligation of the State through the Road Fund.

The contributions made by coffee growers by law total US $ 13.25 per quintal exported, of that amount, US $ 3.25 allow the operation of coffee institutions and the rest is returned to producers after covering their credit obligations


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